"And all I seemed to find is that everything has chains. And all this life just feels like a series of dreams. Selected poems and lovers I can’t begin to name. And all in all I find that nothing stays the same."

— Selected Poems - The Gaslight Anthem

"Well I think I saw you for the flash of a moment. Your broken heart and the body that holds it. I lost your scent in the flash of the party. The big bright lights, baby, constantly haunt me. I’ve never been right, have you ever been lied to? I think I just saw the same scars upon you. Is this a disguise? A masquerade for me? Keep it coming."

— The Gaslight Anthem - Halloween

"Did you grow up lonesome and one of a kind?
Were your records all you had to pass the time?"

— The Gaslight Anthem (The Queen of Lower Chelsea)

"I always kinda, sorta wished I was someone else."

Yes. Brian Fallon.

For Springsteen/Gaslight Anthem fans, the lyric “Some nights I wake up with the sheets soaking wet” is a sort of choose your own adventure. The next line can either be “and a freight train running through the middle of my head” or “it’s a pretty good song, baby, you know the rest.”

Thank you Brian Fallon.

Listening to the Hold You Up EP by The Gaslight Anthem on vinyl with the lights off and a thunderstorm outside. I feel like Brian Fallon is playing this just for me. Music is incredible sometimes.

I am big on lists. I like having rankings of my favorite stuff pretty down pat. This includes everything from artists, movies, albums, etc.

It’s sometimes harder to name which albums I love the most from my very favorite bands to a point, especially since I typically love every album they have. This is especially hard with The Gaslight Anthem.

I can usually safely say that The ‘59 Sound is my favorite. The other ones are tricky. Currently I am obsessed with the Senor and the Queen EP. I honestly think it is some of the best music they’ve ever done, and I’d argue the best lyrics that Brian Fallon has ever written. I have heard Brian say that it is his favorite (before Handwritten came out), so obviously he agrees. I can’t believe they recorded that in four days!

What are your favorite TGA albums?

So excited that Brian Fallon has officially said his new album is going to be americana. I assumed it would be, but now it’s official. Some of his best music is his solo folk stuff, and every semi-acoustic song Gaslight has ever done has been incredible. I have always wanted a whole album of Red At Night or Navesink Banks. It was only a matter of time before he joined in on the Revival Tour crowd in a more full way. Second most anticipated album of the year!

The most anticipated of the year (and of the last four years at least) will be coming out in two weeks! I can’t wait! The Phoenix and MSKWYDITD are both awesome opening tracks. The Phoenix hasn’t been out long, but it could easily end up a top 10 FOB song by the end of it. If the album is anything like these two, it could potentially be my favorite Fall Out Boy record.

Every Word Handwritten was so good. If you are a fan of music, check it out. So many aspects of it make me so emotional. Music is obviously a huge part of my life, and the relationship aspect (such as with my girlfriend and parents) is something I can relate to. Beautiful film.