Oh, but I’m a fool, and I fall apart too easily
'Cause you know me, how I love to be
With Madame Misery, come and visit me
I’m on the 99th floor of apathy

"If I thought it would help I would carve your name into my heart."

— Dark Places by The Gaslight Anthem (via the-blues-mary)

"And all I seemed to find is that everything has chains. And all this life just feels like a series of dreams. Selected poems and lovers I can’t begin to name. And all in all I find that nothing stays the same."

— Selected Poems - The Gaslight Anthem

"It would break your heart, if you knew me well. See, I have run so far that I’ve lost myself. And there are things I have seen that I never will tell. They drove me out of my mind and inside of myself."

— The Gaslight Anthem - Break Your Heart


Amy Poehler’s East Coast Rap.


(Source: gioantonellis)

"I sprayed our names across the bridge so the whole damn town would know. That bridge is gone, but some recall that “What’s-his-face hearts So-n-so.” And so it goes."

— Cory Branan - The Only You

"I’ve been drinking with those three-chord girls; everybody knows exactly how they go."

— Cory Branan - The Freefall

"Well I think I saw you for the flash of a moment. Your broken heart and the body that holds it. I lost your scent in the flash of the party. The big bright lights, baby, constantly haunt me. I’ve never been right, have you ever been lied to? I think I just saw the same scars upon you. Is this a disguise? A masquerade for me? Keep it coming."

— The Gaslight Anthem - Halloween

"I’m in love with the way you’re in love with the night."

— Handwritten by The Gaslight Anthem (via the-blues-mary)

"You know, people get married, people get divorced, people die, people don’t die, people get all kinds of problems, they lose jobs but still, we keep the records going at night. And, you know, 33 rpm: life’s not so bad at that speed."

— Brian Fallon (via the-blues-mary)